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These are just some of the products we have available.  There are many more in the salon.  

Come in and talk to one of our experts.


Lash and Brow Serum. 

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients! Great for both lashes and eyebrows, Pump Lash and Brow Serum comes with a mascara wand applicator rather than the usual tip wand applicator that only goes on the lash base. Our mascara wand applicator applies the serum more fully (from the base to the tip of your lashes). Customers report darker, longer, thicker feeling lashes.

Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller Pack. 

Do you have noticeably thinning hair? Manage it naturally with our Derma roller Kit, including the Pump Hair Growth Derma Roller, Pump Growth shampoo and  conditioner with BioGro serum. The Derma Hair Growth Roller is a clinically tested, TGA approved medical device that reverses thinning, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth.

This handheld device has 540 small surgical needles 1.5mm in length. The needles are attached to a wheel and (when rolled over the scalp) cause microscopic wounds that activate the skin's natural healing response (hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling).

Pump Growth Essentials Pack. 

Everything you need for healthy hair growth is all here girls!             LIMITED EDITION.

Pump Growth range contains BioGro which is packed with nutrients, Biotin and Co Enzyme 10. Derma Hair Growth Roller™ used in conjunction with the BioGro serum for noticeably thinning hair. 1 x Pump Growth Shampoo; 1 x Pump Growth Conditioner; 1 x Pump Growth Mask; 1 x Pump Shampoo Brush; 1 x Pump Liquid Gold Growth Oil; 1 x Pump BioGro Serum;              1 x Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller™;   1 x Pump Lash and Growth Serum.


1.  Blonde Shampoo

2.  Deep Masque

3.  Flex Styling Paste

4.  Fresh Ends

5.  Gunpowder Dust

6.  Hydrator Shampoo

7.  Hydrator Conditioner

8.  Leave-in Cream

9.  Riot Control Oil

10.  Hydrator Shampoo

11.  Hydrator Conditioner

12.  Magnify Shampoo

13.  Magnify Conditioner

14.  Rescue Shampoo

15.  Rescue Conditioner

16.  Scalp Shampoo

17.  Sleek Pomade


1.   Moisture Repair Conditioner

2.   Moisture Repair Shampoo

3.   Hydrating Style Cream

4.   Luminous Hairspray

5.   Glimmer Shine Spray

6.   Curl Control Cream

7.   Oil Treatment

8.   Oil Treatment 

9.   Intense Hydrating Mask

10. Restorative Hair Mask

BRAZILIAN ZERO -  Zero Formaldehyde

1. ACAI Protective Thermal Straightening Balm          

2. ACAI Instant Volume Thermal Root Lift

3. ACAI Deep Condition Masque     

4. Professional Smoothing Solution

5. ACAI Daily Smoothing Serum      

6. ACAI Anti Frizz Shampoo            

7. ACAI Spray Shine                                    

8. ACAI Restorative Sculpt & Define Polish

FSPFollicle Stimulation Program

1. Shampoo             

2. Rinse

3. Serum    

Trichovedic Keratin Smoothing Treatment

1. Shampoo             

2. Conditioner

    and more to come!!

LAKME  -  Plant Based

1. Ultra Clair Treatment                 

2. Ultra Clair Shampoo                  

3. Ultra Red Treatment                  

4. Ultra Red Shampoo                   

5. Color Stay Conditioner               

6. Color Stay Treatment                

7. Color Stay Shampoo                  

LAKME  -  K-Therapy Repair

1. Nourishing Mask, Dry Hair         

2. Repairing Gel                               

3. Repair Conditioning Fluid, Dry Hair

4. Revitalising Shampoo, Dry Hair

CONNECTING HAIR  -  Accessories

Please check Connecting Hair Website for full details of these fabulous hair pieces and hair accessories.


A full range of specialty brushes to suit all hair types.